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Academic teaching

My academic teaching experience goes back to when I taught English at Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand, as an English language lecturer. I was there for two years, and it was an invaluable experience for me. Here are examples of what I have done throughout my teaching years there:

Classes taught:

Non-academic teaching

Non-academic teaching is what I prefer to call “tutoring.” Here are some of experiences that I have:

Elite Language Institute, Bangkok, Thailand

This is the place where I first discovered my love for teaching. My first student was Ma-Praw, a half-Thai, half-Japanese third grader who was absolutely adorable—but hated English. I was working at Toshiba then, but I also knew I really liked language and kids and would like to do something that could let me do both, so I applied for a job as a part-time language tutor at Elite Language Institute in Bangkok. Since my major was Japanese, my first assignment was “Ma-Praw.” I was hooked. It was a tremendously enjoyable experience and influenced my decision to further my studies in linguistics so I could become a language teacher.

Private Tutoring

I have extensive experience tutoring both English and Thai one-on-one.

In Thailand, I often tutored English on the side of my full-time job. Younger students were elementary and secondary students and older ones were mostly adults preparing to take language standardized tests, such as TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS.

In New York, I offer private tutoring in Thai for both non-Thais and Thai-Americans. I also occasionally teach in association with Berlitz, ABC Language Exchange, and the Thai Cultural Center in Queens. I tailor lessons to each student’s specific needs, interests and proficiency level. I also offer a “Thai for Tourists” sequence for those who want to learn Thai just for getting more out of a trip to my beautiful home country. For those who are serious about the language, I offer “Thai for Beginners,” “Thai for Intermediate Learners,” and for advanced learners, I usually use a different, much more tailored approach.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss learning Thai and Thai culture with me, or to see some sample lessons. My email address is