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Welcome to Sasipote’s Web Site!

This website is dedicated to my professional work and interests.

I am passionate about three things; I make sure these three domains fit into whatever I do. They are language, education, and children.

This site gives examples of what I have done. For example, I have taught both English and Thai at all levels for many types of students and in diverse multi-cultural, linguistic, and educational contexts. I’ve designed numerous standardized tests that assess students studying English as a second language and students studying Thai as a foreign language. I’m a big believer in tailoring classes to meet each student’s needs and inquiries—of creating student-centered learning environments. More about this can be found on my “Teaching” page.

I have translated many types of texts: Technical texts include textbooks, business contracts, and medical studies/documents/protocols (Thai ⇔ English). General translations I’ve done include non-fiction (usually science-oriented) books for adults, novels for young adults and children, movie and TV scripts, concert brochures, pamphlets, etc. I’ve also provided voice-over and on-camera talent for language teaching materials. See more of this on my “Translations” page.

A couple of other things I’ve done that have had a profound effect on me—both professionally and personally—are in my “Others” page.

I am also quite passionate about reaching out to those who are underserved—especially children and young teenagers. I strongly believe that children need a generous—and I would like to emphasize generous—amount of love, care, and guidance to help them learn and grow. Given that some of them are not in situations where they can be exposed to such environments, I really want to make sure I do something for them. Most of my tiny contributions towards this so far are on my “Volunteering and Community Services” page.

For a summary of my experience, you can download a .pdf version of my résumé.

Last but not least, I wouldn’t be here without the help of my family, both in Thailand and in the US; my friends; supervisors; co-workers and former co-workers; my academic, professional, and spiritual teachers and mentors; and also my cats, Diaba and Thorndike, who are and will always be dear and near to my heart.