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NCATE Accreditation and Assessment of Higher Education Programs

Archived Pages from the College of Staten Island’s 2010 Continuous Improvement Visit for continued NCATE Accreditation

Below are archived copies of the major files and exhibits prepared for the 2010 visit which pilotted NCATE’s Continuous Improvement option. Please note that being only an archive, some of the links in these sites are dead.

Pro-Social Behavior, Animal-Assisted Interventions, and Humane Education

Articles and resources related to empathy and active compassion in children, and the role animals and nature can play in their development.

Nurturing Empathy in Children

Further Resources

Below are links to sites that contain useful resources pertaining to pro-social behavior and humane education.

Animal-Assisted Activity Research Humane Eduation Activities


The information and links on the Miscellaneous page are a loose collection of sites, etc., that I’ve found useful in various aspects of my work. It’s kinda a collection of my favorite, work-related things. I hope some of them are helpful to you, too.