And this is not my professional area.

Less developed than my professional site, from here you will eventually be able to access down-time activities I’ve been working on. “Have been working on” is almost an exaggeration, given the little energy I’ve put into it so far.

For now, this is about all I have to show.

Oh, by the way, one more thing about this other site. EventuallyBut, nope, not now, all text will be links.So, yeah, all links will be “invisibile”—as are the “twigs” until you mouse over them. (That’s kinda the point, in fact. Let’s hope it’s a good point. I’m not sure these twigs, for example, are a good idea.) Now, it doesn’t really matter as one could simply tab through the links or view the source code to see what’s what. But if someone is interested in this enough to look that deeply, then I’ll either be very happy or quite embarrassed by all the poorly-written stuff they’ve read. Of course, I have no interest in writing in all blue, underlined text. It’ll just be that if you’re interested in a phrase, you click on it to delve more deeply into that text.If you’re not, I’ll just assume the only thing you’ll click on is the back button to leave As the site(s) develop here, branches will develop into bushesDoubt I’ll ever be able to put the energy into it to have the bushes grow into trees., and bushes will grow together. (Little twigs already exist as what would otherwise be the parentheses that normally plague my writing.)This one will stay, though, as a warning to others. So, in a fully developped form, the site will be read differently by different readers. I’m doing this because I think that—so far—writing for the Internet has not embraced that aspect of the medium; it’s just been words from pages transferred to the less-readable screen and left there to wilt in the foreign ground.

But here’s to seeing how much I ever go with it!